“Scott Mason has completed multiple construction projects for us over the years including major additions to our house, building a new barn, and several smaller renovation projects. Scott’s work is top-notch, he completes projects in a timely manner and does not leave loose ends handing. His cost estimating has been thorough and accurate and his work and expenses are well documented in his billing. I can recommend Scott without hesitation for your next construction project.”
– David Q., Middleburg, VA, 2/2016

“Scott has done two major projects for us. He renovated our entire home. The old part of the house dated back to 1829 and had been added onto approximately nine times. There were many challenges and Scott rose to occasion. We were able to modernize the home by demolishing, adding windows, and leveling floors.

Several years later we began renovating our garage. It originally was a crude three bay flat roof structure with a dirt floor and posts supporting the ceiling. We had only a rough architectural sketch of what we wanted the building to look like. Scott did a masterful job! Later we added a large shop on the side and rear. Again we only had a rough architectural sketch. And again Scot did a great job.

Scott does excellent work. He is a masterful carpenter. Never has any of his work needed to be redone. My wife and I would recommend him without hesitation.”
– S.E., 2/2016